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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you do custom orders?


I am happy to do custom orders and enjoy working with people to create something unique and special to them. I have many satisfied return customers who like to work in this way. It can be specific in terms of design and materials or just a general concept. Such orders will require an initial deposit.


How do I know my ring size?


You can have your finger sized at most Jewellery stores. If you are in Auckland you may come to the workshop and I can do it for you.


What if a ring doesn’t fit?


In some cases rings can be resized, depending on whether it needs to be bigger or smaller and to what degree. Slightly bigger is usually manageable. If there is a gemstone however, resizing can be problematic and may require a whole new setting to be made and this will incur an additional cost, so it is important to know your ring size before buying.


What shipping method is used?


I ship by signature required courier within NZ to ensure the utmost security. International shipping is at standard NZ Post international rates.


What is fine silver?


Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver as compared to sterling silver which is 92.5% silver. 

Do you have a physical store I can come to?


Yes I have my workshop at my home in Albany, Auckland. Feel free to contact me if you would like further information.


Do you have a return policy?


The customer’s happiness is my priority so I will gladly work together wherever possible towards the desired outcome. In the case of a customer simply changing their mind for whatever reason I cannot provide a refund but can offer store credit upon return or else they are welcome to exchange the item. If you have any doubts about a purchase please contact me to discuss your concerns first.


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