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On this page I would like to present some examples of custom pieces I have done for clients.


I very much enjoy working with people to create designs that are unique and personal.

These kind of projects can allow for a different approach to the craft and often afford the opportunity to work with Art Clay Silver (Fine Silver) and gold. This presents its own unique challenges but can be most rewarding and the result is usually well worth it.

Some of these were tailored to specific needs, others I was given a fair amount of freedom to create with little more than a given intent, which can be inspiring!


I will be adding to this page over time. If you like what you see here and have ideas of your own, feel free to contact me via the website to discuss commissioning your own piece of art jewellery.




Dragon Pendant : Fine Silver &

 Pink Amethyst

Dragonfly Ring : Fine Silver & 22ct Gold

Tension Set Gold & Diamond Ring

Fairy Pendant : Fine Silver with Garnets

Reconstructed Silver, Gold & Diamond Ring : elements taken from vintage gold & diamond ring combined with new materials to create a fresh modern design

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